Yuenyeung :: tea note

Your secret desire of combining coffee and tea is already a thing. Yuengyeung is a combination of Hong Kong milk […]

Purple Clay Yixing Teapot

These handmade teapots from the city of Yixing are a long held Chinese tradition in tea. These small pots are […]

gifting tea :: tea note

Giving the gift of tea does not only mean purchasing tea. Invite someone to have tea with you, make the […]

tea cookies :: tea note

Cookies are already amazing. Griding up 1 tablespoon of tea and adding it to your cookie batter makes cookies transcendent […]

noticing tea florals

Flowers have been blended with tea since the fifth century. Flowers add aroma, flavour and/or aesthetics to tea, effecting our […]

single estate :: tea pairing

Teas that originate from a single tea garden rather than being blended with leaves from other properties, herbs, flowers or […]

in hot water :: tea note

Each type of tea requires a different temperature of water. Less processed teas like green and white should be brewed […]

gong fu brewing

“gong fu” and “kung fu” both mean skill and effort through time, training and patience. Gong-fu cha is the traditional […]

pressed tea

For nearly two thousand years tea has been compressed into shapes – which were at one point used as currency. […]

drink more tea :: tea note

Tea is the only drink that can be calming, it can also be invigorating. tea can be social, it can […]

flowering tea

Hand-sewn bundles that unfurl in hot water and literally bloom for you, revealing flowers and steeping tea in one dramatic […]

the high life :: tea note

Tea plants that are grown at higher altitudes (3,300-7,900 feet) grow slower because they face harsher conditions – which results […]

shu pu-erh | tea pairing

 The ripened version of pu’erh tea is fermented in tea piles which accelerates the maturation of the leaves – the […]

nice to meet you

Hello. My name is Pheinixx, and I am the person behind 13-birds. I am a licensed TAC Tea Certified Sommelier […]

oolong :: tea note

No other tea type has the sheer variety that oolong boasts. Since oolongs are partially oxidized, they can be closer […]

blue tea

Our feeds are filled with cool blue tisanes and cocktails coming from the flowers of the Clitoria ternatea plant (and […]