“gong fu” and “kung fu” both mean skill and effort through time, training and patience. Gong-fu cha is the traditional Chinese method of tea making.

This practice focuses on brewing tea which highlights flavour subtleties + complexity without bitterness. Gong-fu cha has a large amount of tea brewed for a very short time in a small lidded pot. The tea cups are quite small, inviting you to savour the aroma and taste of the tea, and how it changes across the multiple infusions.

This is the way to truly discover each tea and their unique personality.⁠
step 1/ warm your yixing teapot or gaiwan, the pitcher and tea cups with hot water⁠
step 2/ fill your vessel with tea⁠
step 3/ rinse the leaves with hot water until overflowing and dispose of that liquid⁠
step 4/ with fresh hot water brew your tea for 10-30 seconds⁠
step 5/ pour the tea first into a pitcher then serve in tea cups⁠
step 6/ repeat steps 4+5 several times, until the tea loses flavour⁠

I encourage you to learn more about this amazing tea practice from @mei_leaf