honey chai

honey chai | pluck black tea (flavoured blend) | Rwanda & honey | Toronto, Canada his one is special my […]

gyokuro yamashiro organic

gyokuro yamashiro organic | davidstea green tea | Kagoshima, Japan A complex blend of vegetal and mineral: rich flavour is […]

white honey fig

white honey fig | ste. anne’s white tea (flavoured) Tastes like early morning in an orchard. The peachy notes of […]

royal golden yunnan

royal golden yunnan | westholme tea company black tea | Yunnan Province, China Flavour begins with a strong earthy quality that […]

china chunmee | the tea emporium

green A natural vegetal sweetness supports this richly complex tea: full bodied and slightly smoky with a clean finish. serving […]

green apple kombucha | davidstea

green (blend + flavoured) A fun, light one-note blend that offers sugary sweet apples supported by an earthy green tea. […]

down to earth | spirit oak

pu’erh (flavoured blend) Refined and subtle pairing of earthy pu’erh and toasted chocolate with a smooth mouthfeel. The bitterness inherent […]