white honey fig

white honey fig | ste. anne’s white tea (flavoured) Tastes like early morning in an orchard. The peachy notes of […]

single estate :: tea pairing

Teas that originate from a single tea garden rather than being blended with leaves from other properties, herbs, flowers or […]

shu pu-erh | tea pairing

 The ripened version of pu’erh tea is fermented in tea piles which accelerates the maturation of the leaves – the […]

empress grey :: tea pairing

Empress Grey // This garden tea classic with an unique citrus twist by Marks & Spencer is hard to find […]

wild tea :: tea pairing

Sometime around 2737 BC Emperor Shen Nong dealt with the accident of tea leaves falling into his outdoor boiling water […]

kandy :: tea pairing

The Kandy region in Sri Lanka produces bright, full-bodied black teas which are the favourite go-to cup of my wonderful […]

matcha :: tea pairing

This green tea powder has the highest level of caffeine primarily because you are consuming the entire leaf: and all […]

aged oolong :: tea pairing

Re-roasting tea every few years while aging is a delicate and rare process that results in sweet and smoky complexity.

tea blends :: tea pairing

Any tea type can be blended with your favourite flavours and aromas in order to create something new.