white moon ancient pu-er :: tao tea leaf

2013 Spring – First Harvest | 4th Anniversary 2009-2013

sheng pu’erh (raw) | yunnan province, china

It seems right that this special tea -crafted to celebrate the anniversary of tao tea leaf- represents my first puerh experience and my first tea disk from my first Toronto Tea Festival. My recommendation to bring out the most complexity is to steep this tea three short times (1-2min each), across an afternoon.

Puerh (or puer, pu-erh, pu-er, pu’erh…you get the idea) is a fermented tea. There are two distinct types of puerh, raw (sheng) which has a drinking experience closer to a white tea and cooked/ripe (shu) which has a drinking experience closer to black tea.

A complex journey of sweet earthiness like hay with an undernote of fruit. Sip slowly, as the flavour shifts subtly.

white moon ancient pu-er 2013 Spring – First Harvest | 5th Anniversary 2009-2013 :: tao tea leaf