bath tea bag soak

Using natural muslin pouches we can soak in a sumptuous tea bath.

1C epsom salts
.25C jasmine tea
.25C dried lavender
10 drops lavender essential oil

Mix ingredients together, and fill open-weave drawstring pouches half-way. Tie drawstring tightly to close opening and then tie the loose string again at the end, to provide a large loop.

To use – hang the bath tea bag over the faucet, allowing the water to run through the pouch as the bath fills. Leave the tea bag in the bath throughout your soak, to continue infusing the water.

[disclaimer stuff : firstly, this is not for consumption, secondly if you are allergic or sensitive to any ingredients feel free to swap them out with other aroma, herbs and teas, and thirdly if you do use a black or cooked pu-erh tea instead, be aware that you might stain your bath.]